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Healing With Your Hands

Healing With Your Hands

Healing With Your Hands

by William S. Eidelman, M.D.

Can you be a healer?Can you use your hands to transmit healing energy to someone needing help to make them feel better, to help them function better? Can you increase your family’s health and lower your family medical bills using this healing power? If you are a health professional, can you increase your effectiveness in helping patients with this method?

After exploring the healing powers of touch for twenty-eight  years, all over the world, I emphatically say “Yes! You can learn to be an effective healer. Many people like you have already learned.”

Science has proven the validity of bio-electromagnetism and has given a scientific basis to spiritual healing as a form of bio-energy therapy. It really can work!

It is time for hands-on healing to come out of the closet.

It is time for us to awaken the healer within.

Each of us has the innate capacity, through the use of an ancient breathing technique, to generate a powerful healing resonance, or energy vibration, from the hands. When applied therapeutically this resonance catalyzes the healing process in injury and in many diseases. It also brings about deep relaxation and a feeling of well being.

How To Learn To Be A Healer

Everyone has healing energy.  Most everyone is capable of generating or transmitting a potent healing energy.  I am offering, on this website, to give you, in writing, the essentials of Resonance Balancing, a form of hands-on healing, or bio-energy therapy. It is a remarkably effective method for using your hands to help other people (and yourself) feel better physically and mentally.

This method will turn you into an effective hands-on healer / bio-energy therapist almost immediately. It is easy to learn and easy to practice. Simply follow the instructions! Dramatic success in catalyzing the natural healing process is common. This therapy also promotes deeper relaxation, increased awareness, and a more positive outlook on life, both for the person giving and the person receiving.

After you learn this technique, and practice it, you will be able to help people who are suffering from various types of pain, illness, injury, and stress. It can be used in acute or chronic conditions. Often, results are more dramatic with a more serious condition (be it from injury, illness, or post-surgical), so practitioners of this therapy should never be afraid to try it out, no matter how drastic the circumstances. Although you can’t expect miracles every time, the results are frequently astounding.

Whether you are a professional in the healing arts, working in a hospital or a doctor’s office, or whether you are simply a caring human being who would like to help other people, you can use this revolutionary approach with great success.

An Ancient Breathing Meditation

Hands-on healing has an ancient history on this planet. It has been used for thousands of years by tribal medicine people on every continent, and has been a part of every religious tradition. In main-stream western society, hands-on healing has been treated either as a myth or as a mysterious talent given only to a special few.

However, there is a simple method which turns on healing energy in nearly everyone who tries it — the Resonance Balancing Meditation.

The Resonance Balancing Meditation is an ancient breathing rhythm which influences the body’s electromagnetic field in measurable ways (using the latest computerized spectrum-analysis of brain waves). While breathing in the this rhythm, the energy flowing through the hands has greatly amplified healing qualities. Passing the Resonance Balancing energy, it is possible to stimulate powerful healings, to melt pain and to evaporate stress.

The booklet and the videos teach the basic essentials of how to practice the technique. The booklet contains a series of case histories, so that you can see some of the scope and depth of the possibilities this beautiful method can offer. And if you come back and visit us here on the Internet, we’ll have testimonials and case histories that are fresh and alive!

We’ve designed this video and booklet to teach what you need to begin practicing right away. Today. Tomorrow. Whenever you decide. яндекс

The Body Heals Itself

Although people will think of you as a healer if you practice what you learn from the video, it is more accurate to think of yourself as a Bio-Energy Therapist. You don’t really heal other people.

The body heals itself. On the first day of medical school, this fact is taught. Whether you give medicines, perform surgery, or use any kind of medical therapy, you only support the body to heal itself. The same is true with Bio-Energy Therapy, acupuncture, homeopathy, herbs, or any other holistic modality.

The ability for self-healing is an inherent part of all life. The body is constantly renewing itself, getting rid of old and diseased tissues. We are not aware that this is always happening, because the body rids itself of disease so fast it appears we are remaining healthy.

On the occasions when the ongoing self-healing process doesn’t work, then it becomes necessary to get help from the outside. Traditionally, throughout the past five thousand years, our species has used foods and herbs for healing. We have also used the healing powers of touch.

If you practice what is taught here, your touch will be a transmission of bio-energy, a form of bio-energy therapy. The bio-energy which flows from your hands will melt pain, evaporate stress, and catalyze the healing process. You and many people you work on will be simply amazed!!

Breaking The Taboo Against Healing

The biggest barrier to success in practicing this method is not giving it a try. We may not use Resonance Balancing for a variety of reasons. In my experience of teaching many people how to be bio-energy therapists, some are afraid that they will fail, that their application of the energy will not work, and they will look stupid or worse. It feels as if they are breaking some social taboo. In fact, we are breaking a taboo, but it is a taboo which deserves to be broken.

Why is transmitting healing energy taboo? First, our cultural mind set has believed for almost two hundred years that such energy has been scientifically proven not to exist. This idea is practically institutionalized! Our collective unconscious believes that hands-on healing / bio-energy therapy has been scientifically disproven. This cultural belief operates from the same brain centers as religious beliefs (and scientific “heretics” are sometimes subjected to the same treatment as religous heretics have been).

However, new evidence shows that the body is indeed highly electromagnetic, full of all kinds of energy patterns and configurations of great significance (even though they may be small in size). This evidence has not yet become sufficiently well known to break the cultural taboo against healing. But, your becoming aware of this revolution in the new bio-electromagnetic paradigm in biology, and your practicing Resonance Balancing, will hasten the breaking of this taboo.

Breaking taboos, by the way, isn’t easy. If the potential healee believes in the taboo too strongly, even successful therapeutic outcomes can be ignored or dismissed by the person who has just been healed. A strong belief in the taboo can even block the healing process — although I don’t recommend that healers use that as an excuse for failure of treatment. In some cases, we can be ridiculed just for believing what we know to be the truth. This is a price to pay for being a revolutionary!

Fear Of Intimacy

Another reason we are afraid to pass healing energy is this: When you apply healing energy through your hands, gently touching another person, it is a form of intimacy. We are often afraid of showing this kind of intimacy, either for fear of stimulating repressed sexual feelings or for fear of rejection (or from whatever form the fear conjures). Indeed, our failure to be intimate may feed the roots of many of our physical and emotional problems. So, my advice is: don’t be afraid to share what are beautiful moments of innocent closeness, of psychic intimacy. It will be healing for you, for the other, and for our collective consciousness.

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