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Thanks for an amazing evening and a real eye opener into the power of prayer.What I would also like to share with you is the fact that, unlike most of the audience last night who have had a religious upbringing and currently have strong spiritualist beliefs, I had virtually no religious education/exposure and was basically agnostic until quite recently when I started to attend the Spiritist Center.Hence prayer was never part of my routine even when I was faced with some of the most difficult phases in my life.  Even now as I am retired, in great health, recently married and living the best time of my life in my late 60's, I still have an stubborn resistance to becoming a habitual prayer.  That being said, I do try and offer prayers of gratitude for all the beauty and good fortune that I experience as well as prayers of petition for those more unfortunate than myself.  Your talk has inspired me to make it a daily routine.Thanks again,


Sandra is a natural born healer.  She has a loving and caring way about her that invites you to open up in unimaginable ways.  She is genuinely concerned about her clients and always seems to know exactly what they need in terms of healing and alignment.  She is amazingly knowledgeable and thinks out of the box using many various tools to assist her clients.   I feel blessed to have found her and to be able to benefit from her spiritual and intellectual gifts.

Love you! Vicki

Sandra, gracias a ti por invitarnos y por siempre organizar este tipo de reuniones (meditacion para paz mundial) que nos ayudan a ser mas sensibles y a seguir creciendo espiritualmente.

Disfruto mucho la compañía y la energia tan positiva que siempre fomentas.

Gracias otra vez, un fuerte abrazo!! MC


The experience to be with the group yesterday was a Blessing for My husband and myself. Yesterday is helping me understand in a more positive way some family relations that I am experiencing that were causing me deep trouble and sorrow. Now I feel that the experience is meant to be for the spiritual evolution of our soul group.


Sandra, thank you!! It was a very informative and remarkable meeting. Your positive energy was exuberant and very eye opening!!